a little bit about us…

The Tsioulos family established Aleka’s Kitchen in 2007 to offer “true to Greece, Greek food” to our local community.  Throughout the brainstorming phase of what we were going to name this endeavor… we always reverted back to “Aleka’s Kitchen”. After all, that is what we offer. All things in Aleka’s kitchen. If you were to scan our refrigerator, look for a snack in her cabinets… you will find exactly that in which we sell. Ingredients and produce from from area farmers and wholesome Greek food made from scratch, village style… meaning “no shortcuts!”.
We primarily sell directly via local farmers market… check out our “where we are” page to see where you can find us!
We also offer seasonal small classes to educate people how to cook in the traditional Greek way using whole foods from scratch.  Drop a line and let us know if you’re interested!

6 thoughts on “a little bit about us…”

  1. Tried your custard filled pastry today. It was excellent! Your products are all so good, it’s hard to decide what to choose from!

    • Thank you Janet for trying our cuisine. Come see us again at the Winter Farmers Market for more delicious, fresh, home-made pastries, breads, dips, olives, cheeses and yogurt!

  2. Jean Dodd said:

    We happened upon you at the Oconomowoc Winter Market and fell in love with your flavors. Will you be doing a Summer Market in this area? The olives, dips and cheeses were a hit in our house and will be missed if we don’t find you. I know they have an Oconomowoc Market and a Delafield Market for the summer if you are at all interested. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us, hope to see you soon!

    • Hi Jean,

      We are so glad you enjoy our food! We appreciate your compliments and truly enjoy Oconomowoc’s Winter Market. Great people, great vendors, awesome location! We have a handful of markets that we will be doing this summer, not only on Saturdays but weekdays too! It will be a hectic summer but we are so excited to share our foods with more markets and communities! Check out our facebook page or check back here to find out what markets we will be attending! Let’s keep our fingers cross that one will be, if not in, at least near Oconomowoc! Thanks again for your kind words!

  3. Your feta cheese is incredible! Smooth like butter. We’re coming back for more!

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