aleka and nick… the recipes, their story

Aleka was born and raised in Koroni, Messenia, Greece, on the Mediterranean Sea. Her village is just 45 minutes southwest of Kalamata, the area made famous from its delicious olives.  These same olives and olive oil she used in Greece 38 years ago are used today in her kitchen in the U.S.

Nick is from the mountains… remote but beautiful. Through the winding roads (sometimes frightening roads) of the Peloponnese, you will come across a small home (his home) and the village church. Both are situated a skip away from a grand “Platinos” tree and a small but sweet waterfall river.

They have held on tightly to her Greek traditions mainly through Aleka’s recipes which were handed down to her from her mother and her mothers mother and so on. These recipes contain centuries of stories, struggles, perseverance, freedom, love, family and celebration.  The food is the essence of Greek culture and it is Aleka’s wish that you experience the timelessness of each exquisite bite.  A healthy life is a happy life and the Mediterranean diet is renown for using natural whole ingredients to create its delicious cuisine.

11 thoughts on “aleka and nick… the recipes, their story”

  1. Peggy Dunkerly said:

    Yiassou Thea Alecka,

    Eleni told me about your website. Congratulations on your new business! Bravo sou!!!!! I loved the picture your mama drew. She is quite an artist! Do you have more of her paintings? She was such a sweetheart!

    Me poli agapi,

    • Hi Peggy!

      Thank you for stopping by to see my website. I wish I had more of my mothers’s paintings, this is the only one in the U.S., the few others she made are with the family in Greece.


  2. Been searching all over New York City for some good cooking… can’t find anything that compares. I’m coming home for some food from Aleka’s kitchen!
    Great website! Looking forward to seeing you and the family soon… Save me some Spanakopita!

  3. Susan Magestro said:

    Aleka’s Kitchen is the BEST Greek food in this country! I have tried so many of her dishes and I am ‘picky’ having travelled many places in the world (including Greece).

    It is hard these days to find someone who cares about the ingredients as much as the final result.
    Aleka is both passionate about her cooking and creates the best and most authentic Greek food around, made with love. *and I am not even Greek!

    Susan Magestro

  4. Donna Ottman said:

    Aleka I am not sure if you will remember me but I worked with you at Bemis many years ago, I just read about your business and i am so proud of you!!! Congradulations!!! I still remember your cooking and the wonderful food you would bring for us. I have no doubt this is a very successful business and can’t wait to see you at the farmers market and get some of your delicious food.

    Donna Ottman

    • Hi Donna!

      Yes, I remember you and our time at Bemis working together. Thank you for your kind words and loving support. I look forward to seeing you at the Farmer’s Market this summer, stop by and say hello.


      Aleka’s Kitchen

  5. Just stopped by your stall at the farmers market today in West Bend and wanted to let you know that everything is AMAZING! This is by far the best Greek food I’ve found in the US so far. So looking forward to picking up more delicious goodies next week!!!

  6. Anonymous said:

    I discovered you at the farmer’s market this morning. I won’t tell my mother that your food is better than hers!

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