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Under an olive tree in the Peleponese

Aleka’s Kitchen  

Address: 1922 South 9th Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Tel: 920.917.8329 or 920.912.7132


11 thoughts on “contact us…”

  1. Dear Aleka,
    Just got an invitation from Eleni to view your website this a.m.. Congratulations on your beautiful website. I wish you the best of luck with it and I must admit that I found my mouth watering as I viewed the pictures. The last time I had the good fortune of tasting your delicious cooking was around the time that the girls graduated from South High, where I taught. I was always very impressed with them and John and what fine and talented young people they were, which is not only a testament to your cooking but what wonderful parents you and your husband have been. Please know that I wished closer so that we could partake in some of your fine cooking, but I will share this with my daughter Lily whose family is still living in Sheboygan Falls and has been involved in planning parties. She has been working for Stefano for a couple of years now, which I’m sure Demitra knows. I hope your husband’s health has been doing well. Please send my best regards to the rest of the family and best of luck again in your “new” endeavor .
    Kindest regards,
    Gordon Klauber

    • Thank you so much Gordon! You are very thoughtful and kind. I remember the kids being very fond of you as well. You were such a great support for them in High School. I hope to connect with your daughter Lily, we can always be found at the Farmer’s Market all summer long. Hope you are well and enjoying your days.

      Nick and Aleka

  2. Thaddeus Roenitz said:

    Aleka this is so wonderful. Can’t wait to get back this summer and have some of your lovely food. I remember as a kid how excited we would get when you would bring us your goodies, treats and meals.
    Happy to be a fan on Facebook!
    Thaddeus Roenitz

  3. Linda Jardee said:

    Do you ship any of your food?

    • Yes, we ship our food anywhere in the U.S.
      Our basic menu is posted on this site, we also do special orders upon request.

      Please contact us to place your order: 920.803.9042

      Thank you so much for your inquiry.
      Aleka’s Kitchen

  4. I visit your stand at the Winter Farmers Market and I was wondering what days and what Summer Farmers Markets that you will be at? I very much enjoy your delicious product.

    • Hi! You can check out all our summer market locations on our Farmer’s Market page… we’ve finally updated it! We are thrilled that you have enjoyed and are continuing to enjoy our authentic greek recipes. See you at the market!

  5. Your Family is the Best! Even a Great Son-in-law.
    Mia Famiglia

  6. Cindy Thorne said:

    Please get back to me relative to your availability to cater at Enders Park for July 9, 2015 for approx. 100 to 150 guests.
    Cindy Thorne
    414 736 9540

  7. Anonymous said:

    Your food was a wonderful addition to our Enderis Park concert performance last night. Thank you for providing us all with such a treat !
    Georgianna Baughn

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